Anodizing is an electrolytic process that results in the formation of an oxide coating that is very adherent to the aluminium alloys. Moreover, by applying complementary anodizing chemical processes will improve the surface’s decorative appearance, enhance durability and give excellent corrosion resistance.


1. Pre Treatment on Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
      i)   Alkaline Cleaner
      ii)  Sulfuric Acid Cleaner
      iii) Satin, Matte Etching Finishing Agent (Alkaline)
      iv) Pearl Tone Etchina Agent (Acidic)
      vi) Desmutting Agent


2. TOP ADD PROCESS for Aluminium Diecast
      i)   Soak Cleaner
      ii)  Activating and Desmutiing Agent
      iii) Corrosion Inhibitor
      iv) Black Dye
      vi) Post Treatment Agent for Rust Prevention


3. Color Dyes and Lightfastness Enhancer
      i)   Water Soluble Dye - TAC Dyestuff
      ii)  Water Soluble Inorganic Dye
      iii) Treatment Agent for Dyeing
      iv) Lightfastness Enhancer Agent


4. Nickel Sealing and Metal Free Sealing Agent
      i) Nickel Acetate Sealing Agent
      ii) Metal Free Sealing Agent
      iii) Powdering Prevention Agent
      iv) Hot Water Rippling Agent


5. Lubricating Agent (PTFE)


6. Masking Ink for Selective Coating


7. Anodizing additives
      i) Mist Preventing Agent for Anodizing Bath